We’re minutes away from launching our Velvet Platform and are looking for our first round of customers or early adopters.

Everyone from freelancers to coworking space owners asks me, ‘how do I get my first few customers?’

So, how do you get your first few customers?

That is hard to answer, and I know I need to write ‘it depends’ to a question like that.

I don’t have time to market my coworking space.

The one I hear is time.

A whole new layer of trust is needed in business now.

In this post, you’ll find out how you can use your website to build trust and develop a workflow.

The Cost of Trust

Steve R Covey has written a lot about trust…

How often should I email?

Minimum? Once a week.

Engaging people

Write something that is for YOUR readers; send something useful.

So where were we?

Last week I was crying onto the page that the world did not know where it was going.

My ‘Me Too’ movement

Thank you to all the people who emailed me.

How is ‘the next normal’ looking for you?

As the lockdown rules change in the UK, how do you feel about the next few months?

But I’m worried about something.

It does worry me how this will land with you, which makes me more than a little concerned about the order of the…

This post will help you understand how WordPress tools fit together on your coworking space website.

If you are ever talking to a web person or chatting and someone says ‘oh yeah, WordPress is sooooo simple, you should use that!’

Feeling dumb, stupid and inadequate.

So I was staring at my paperback copies of ‘ A Sentimental Journey Through France And Italy’ by Stern and ‘ The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ by Dickens and could feel the panic coming over me.

Bernie J Mitchell

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